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Valentina Smolenskaya lives and works in Moscow. In 1977 she graduated from the Moscow Institute of Technology as lacquer painting artist. She worked at the Fedoskino Factory of Miniature Painting for 6 years. This is an ancient Russian enterprise, an originator of Russian art lacquer painting. Today Smolenskaya is a a associate professor in the State University of Land Use Planning, Departament of Architecture, member of the Moscow union of artists. Since 1979 she has been taking an active part in the Moscow, regional and international exhibitions.

The works by Smolenskaya are found in the storages and the exposition of All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, State Historical Museum, Museum of the Fedoskino Factory and private collections of The United States, Great Britain, France, Norway, Spain, etc.

220th Anniversary of Fedoskino

Valentina Smolenskaya takes part in the exhibition devoted to the 20th anniversary of Fedoskino that takes place on 17 January 2016 through 22 October 2016 in the Palace of Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich in the museum-reserve Kolomenskoye . The exhibition presents a unique chance to see for the first time in one place the oriental lacquer works of the 18-20 centuries, the West-European works of the 18-19 centuries and also the Russian works (from Moscow and St. Petersburg) of the 18-19 centuries. The main section of the exhibition is devoted to Fedoskino lacquer miniature that covers the 220 years’ history of this original art growth and flowering. Valentina Smolenskaya worked at Fedoskino fabric in 70-80s and started her creative career there. Today the artist continues working with this...

New artwork “Royal Hunt”

New artwork “Royal Hunt” is added to the site. Under the reign of Charles the Great, hunting was the favorite occupation of aristocracy. Under the reign of the Carolingian dynasty hunting became a royal privilege and transformed into a complex theatrical performance. Royal hunt in France is a unique phenomenon of the Middle Ages. Traditionally, hunters were horse-mounted accompanied by a kennel, or it was a ride to hounds to hunt on deer and other animals , or with specially trained falcons when hunting on pheasants, partridges and other birds. Hunting supports ancient customs that are passed on from generation to generation and are preserved until...

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