Artworks by Valentina Smolenskaya takes part in the Exhibition “Beauty save the world” that takes place on 28 april 2022 through 9 may 2022 in Moscow Artist home, Kuznetskiy Most st., 11

This exhibition is devoted to the Moscow Union of artists 90th aniversary and exhibition catalogue contains new artwork “In the Enchanted Garden” by Valentina Smolenskaya.

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Exhibition of Decorative and Applied Arts

Valentina Smolenskaya takes part in the Exhibition of Decorative and Applied Arts that takes place on 14 april 2018 through 3 may 2018 in Moscow Artist home, Kuznetskiy Most st., 11

The exhibition presents two new artworks by Valentina Smolenskaya


New artwork “Venetian Fairy-tale”

New artwork “Venetian Fairy-tale” is added to the site.

This work was inspired by the travel impressions of Venice, as well as one of the most romantic Hoffman’s stories “The Doge and the Dogaressa”.

Hoffman’s story tells about unhappy love of the young gondolier Anthony and pretty Annunziata, old Doge’s wife, that ended up in tragedy.
However, in my work there’s still a hope of a happy end.
The composition presents magnificent Venetian decorations just like on a stage: a celebration on St Mark’s Square, the sea and the island San Giorgio Maggiore in the distance. On the foreground there’s a winged lion – the symbol of Venice, who seemed to have come down from one of the pillars on the square to protect Anthony’s and Annunziata’s love.


220th Anniversary of Fedoskino

Valentina Smolenskaya takes part in the exhibition devoted to the 20th anniversary of Fedoskino that takes place on 17 January 2016 through 22 October 2016 in the Palace of Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich in the museum-reserve Kolomenskoye .
The exhibition presents a unique chance to see for the first time in one place the oriental lacquer works of the 18-20 centuries, the West-European works of the 18-19 centuries and also the Russian works (from Moscow and St. Petersburg) of the 18-19 centuries.
The main section of the exhibition is devoted to Fedoskino lacquer miniature that covers the 220 years’ history of this original art growth and flowering.
Valentina Smolenskaya worked at Fedoskino fabric in 70-80s and started her creative career there. Today the artist continues working with this unique craft on her own.
The exhibition presents six works by Valentina Smolenskaya (panel “Sergii Radonezhsky”,casket “Royal Hunt”, set of three caskets “Golden fishes”) and casket “Tsar’s Hunt” is provided for the exhibition by the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum.



Address: 39 Andropova Avenue,Moscow

How to get there: Subway Kolomenskaya, Kashirskaya



New artwork “Royal Hunt”

New artwork “Royal Hunt” is added to the site.
Under the reign of Charles the Great, hunting was the favorite occupation of aristocracy. Under the reign of the Carolingian dynasty hunting became a royal privilege and transformed into a complex theatrical performance.
Royal hunt in France is a unique phenomenon of the Middle Ages. Traditionally, hunters were horse-mounted accompanied by a kennel, or it was a ride to hounds to hunt on deer and other animals , or with specially trained falcons when hunting on pheasants, partridges and other birds.
Hunting supports ancient customs that are passed on from generation to generation and are preserved until nowadays.

Royal Hunt

New artwork “Magic Theater”

New artwork “Magic Theater” is added to the site.

This work was inspired by the novel Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse, that deals with the crisis in Europe, the generation of World War II, the lost generation, the most gifted and extraordinary personalities who could not find their place in that epoch.

I was intrigued by the character of Harry Haller who referred to himself as Steppenwolf and felt himself split between hisobscure nature and his goodness.

I chose the novel’s culmination – the fancy ball to show through the composition my view of this genius of suffering, the abnegation of a person, who once had the courage to live, love, talk to the immortal Goethe and Mozart through the magic mirrors. The compositional center of the work is occupied by the group – Harry Haller and Hermine dressed as a black Columbine and the wise white owl (split in two entities as Harry himself).

It’s an illusion, where the characters are transformed into chess pieces, and the mirrors show the Steppenwolf and Harry Haller in wolf’s skin, Hermine and Goethe.


Personal exhibition

Welcome to the personal exhibition “Confession in Color” in the Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, October 21 through November 9, 2015!

National Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art is the only museum in Russia that possess collections of Russian decorative and applied art of XVIII-XX centuries, as well as works by contemporary artists.



Address: Moscow, 
Delegatskaya st., 3

How to get there: Subway Novoslobodskaya, Mayakovskaya, Tsvetnoy bulvar


Working hours:

Monday 10:00 – 18:00
(October, 26 – closed)
Tuesday closed
Wednesday 10:00 – 18:00
Thirsday 10:00 – 21:00
Friday 10:00 – 18:00
Saturday 10:00 – 20:00
Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

Ticket office is closed the hour earlier, than the exposition.

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