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Illustrations for Nekto Nikto Website

A series of illustrations for the website devoted to the novel Nekto Nikto by Vladimir Shirogorov.

The book was sold together a CD with the songs (composed by A. Klimenkov) inspired by the poems from the novel. Each song on the website is accompanied by an illustration. Besides the series of graphic works, the artist also created four oil paintings on canvas inspired by the poems from Nekto Nikto.

site “Nekto Nikto”

By sleepless heartsGods will riseHours-petalsThe numbersApril, the flowerSomewhere nearIt is coldKef Peter WeedsLollipopOn streams of stringsNeed to decide!Not by nameDon't return by morningNot to turn backSoonTsaritza-the deathYou're sleeping in the countryThe winter loses one's wayYou're harbor till the spring

Somewhere nearYou're harbor till the springOn streams of stringsNot to turn back

Big City Dreams

A series of graphic mixed media works, combining watercolor and tempera. It was created back in the early 90s. No city landscapes or building sketches: these paintings are rather about the sounds of a city, which are different for each ‘listener’, the artist’s personal associations.

We see the images of city windows, creative characters, the Monster City and the Romantic City, ecology problems and the place of man and nature in the city life.

The author also pretends to add new works to the project, inspired by fresh voices of the Big City.

Astral travelsWindowsYin, YangWorld of  gone thingsPainting, poetry and musicInformation

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