Watercolor and acrylic

About Watercolor Technique

It’s no surprise that watercolor technique is usually referred to as the ‘queen of painting’. It is distinguished by transparent, yet vibrant colors.

Flowers and plants on Valentina Smolenskaya’s works are rarely organized into bouquets – the composition is rather free to transmit the feeling of wild life.

Valentina Smolenskaya uses the wet fabric underneath, which allows paper to remain moist longer. This technique helps create the color palette softly, almost airily, and as the paper dries gradually, refine the shapes and, finally, elaborate the details on a completely dry paper.

This technique is also used in still-lifes and portraits, only more attention is given to the second stage, painting and elaborating shapes and details.




About Acrylic Technique

For acrylic paintings on canvas the artist uses technique that combines textures and acrylic metallic, which emphasize the material substance of the objects in glass, metal or porcelain; afterwards they are being covered with the glossy varnish, while the surroundings remain matt. As a result, we see the play of textures and the setting comes to life under different light angles.



Recent works
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