New artwork “Venetian Fairy-tale”

New artwork “Venetian Fairy-tale” is added to the site.

This work was inspired by the travel impressions of Venice, as well as one of the most romantic Hoffman’s stories “The Doge and the Dogaressa”.

Hoffman’s story tells about unhappy love of the young gondolier Anthony and pretty Annunziata, old Doge’s wife, that ended up in tragedy.
However, in my work there’s still a hope of a happy end.
The composition presents magnificent Venetian decorations just like on a stage: a celebration on St Mark’s Square, the sea and the island San Giorgio Maggiore in the distance. On the foreground there’s a winged lion – the symbol of Venice, who seemed to have come down from one of the pillars on the square to protect Anthony’s and Annunziata’s love.



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