Painting on wood

Set of four panel pictures “Tree of Life”

Tree of Life is a set of four panel pictures, devoted to the Slavic mythology, which was created on commission from the First Museum of Slavic Mythology in Tomsk, Russia. Painting on wood with acrylic. The images for the composition were inspired by the Slavic folklore: carving motives, jewelry, etc. The stylized images were organized into a composition according to the topic of each panel: Tree of Life; Lada; Roaring Beasts, Singing Birds; Semargls.

The first Museum of Slavic mythology is unique and doesn’t have any counterparts in the world. It’s collection consists of paintings by modern Russian artists, and these paintings are connected by a common subject – the mythology of our ancestors, the ancient Slavs and their heroic past, Russian fairy tales and customs.

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Tree of LifeLadaSimarglsBeasts Prowling, Birds Pecking

Fancy-ball Matryoshka Dolls

Matrona means ‘grand lady’ in Latin. In Russia, however, this name was more common in peasant families, so it’s no surprise the traditional Russian doll was named after it.

Matryoshkas are always hand-painted, each of them designed as one human figure. Traditionally, it is a Russian woman with her family, though nowadays there are matryoshkas showing music bands, presidents, etc.

This project is distinguished by a new technique of matryoshka painting: the dolls’ figures are used just as an art space for a composition with three characters in the party suits.

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