New artwork “Magic Theater”

New artwork “Magic Theater” is added to the site.

This work was inspired by the novel Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse, that deals with the crisis in Europe, the generation of World War II, the lost generation, the most gifted and extraordinary personalities who could not find their place in that epoch.

I was intrigued by the character of Harry Haller who referred to himself as Steppenwolf and felt himself split between hisobscure nature and his goodness.

I chose the novel’s culmination – the fancy ball to show through the composition my view of this genius of suffering, the abnegation of a person, who once had the courage to live, love, talk to the immortal Goethe and Mozart through the magic mirrors. The compositional center of the work is occupied by the group – Harry Haller and Hermine dressed as a black Columbine and the wise white owl (split in two entities as Harry himself).

It’s an illusion, where the characters are transformed into chess pieces, and the mirrors show the Steppenwolf and Harry Haller in wolf’s skin, Hermine and Goethe.



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